Guests Services

Air Conditioning
All guestrooms are fitted with individually controlled air-conditioning units. To conserve electricity, please do not leave doors and windows open while the unit is on.
Beach Vendors
Local vendors offering spices, interesting jewellery made from locally found materials, straw hats, bags and other craft work frequent the beaches. While most are friendly and eager for interaction, if you are not interested just refuse politely and move on otherwise you may have unexpectedly long conversations.
473 Resort sits on a secluded beach located within a sheltered bay. The island offers many other beautiful beaches. The most popular beaches that are fairly close by (just a short 15 to 20 minutes drive away) are the Grand Anse, Morne Rouge and Portici Beaches.
Books & Games
A few books and games have been placed in your villa. Please enjoy.
Bowling Alley
Lavo Lanes Bowling Alley, Restaurant and Lounge is located at Point Salines, close to the airport. Opening hours are; Monday – Thursday 4pm-Midnight, Friday 4pm-2am, Saturday 1pm-2am and Sunday 1pm-Midnight. Contact: 439-5286
There are several banks in the Grand Anse and St. George’s city areas. Opening hours are as follows: Mondays to Thursdays 8:00 am – 2:00 pm and on Fridays from 8:00 am – 4:00 pm. Most banks accept Visa and Master Card’s in the ATM’s which are available 24 hours. There are ATM’s located in the Grand Anse area and Spiceland Mall. Most establishments take credit cards as well as US$ cash.
Check-out time
Our usual Check- out time is 12 noon however, if you require a late check-out we will make every effort to accommodate you if we can.
Car Rental
Rental cars can be delivered to the villa. Call or WhatsApp our Guest Services Department at 473 457 7771 for assistance.

There is a small movie theatre located in Excel Plaza, Grand Anse. They are open from Tuesday to Sunday.
Please see their website for current listings www.moviepalace.gd

Church Services

Grenada has several religious denominations in Grand Anse.

Anglican Church – (473) 440-2169 or 473-440-6282
Calliste Pentecostal Gateway Assembly – (473) 439-2909
Grenada Islamic Foundation – (473) 415-2772
Kingdom Hall of Jehovah’s Witnesses – (473)
Pentecostal – (473) 440-1778
The Catholic Chancery – 473-440-7325

Dining Out

Please refer to section 6 of this booklet for our suggestions. We would be happy to assist you with reservations.

Doctors & Medical Services

Should you require medical services please let us know and we will assist you. We have a registered nurse on site who can assist if required.

Drinking Water

Grenada’s water is potable however we recommend bottled water for drinking.

Electronic Safe
An electronic safe is installed in your Villa. We strongly recommend that you place all valuables in the safe since we will not be responsible for the loss of your belogings
Emergency Contant

In the event of an emergency please call:


PRIVATE HOSPITAL (St. Augustine Medical Center) – (473) 440 6173 / 74 / 75
GENERAL HOSPITAL – (473) 440 3394/435 9139
GRAND ANSE POLICE STATION – (473) 444 4454 or 444 1535 /36 / 37
RESORT OWNER – (473) 407 0297
MARKETING MANAGER – (473) 457 6446

Emergency Assembly Point, if necessary, is in the PARKING LOT.

Electrical Current

The electrical current in Grenada is 220 Volts AC 50 cycles. For the benefit of international guests, the villas have been outfitted with electrical outlets for both the UK three pin plugs and 110 Volt sockets for guests from the U.S. and Canada.

Computers, IPads and cellular phones are usually both 220 /110 however, if you have any devices that are not dual voltage (hair dryer, curling iron) care must be taken to use the correct socket.


Fort Jeudy offers many scenic walks and is considered to be a safe neighborhood. However, it is always a good idea to remain alert when out walking as drivers can sometimes be reckless. See walkers plan of Fort Jeudy. A guided hike and walk can be arranged.

Alternatively, early risers may opt to join the early fitness crowd on Grand Anse Beach.

Grocery Shopping
The closest grocery store is SOG Foods located at the entrance of Fort Jeudy. It is open 7 days a week from 7am-11pm. It is very well stocked and should have what you need. If not, ask us!

Real Value Supermarket located in Spiceland Mall in Grand Anse is the largest and best stocked grocery store on the island. Hours of operation:
Monday – Thursday 8am-9pm
Friday – Saturday 8am-10pm
Sunday 9am-7pm

Marketing Board in Grand Anse offers an excellent selection of local fruits and vegetables.

House Keeping

We offer a daily housekeeping service. If you do not wish to be disturbed or have your villa serviced simple hang your Do Not Disturb sign on your door.

Bed linen will be changed every other day. If you have any special requirements you may communicate with guest services at 457 7771. (see special policy below)


We have high speed wireless network throughout the resort. The network is 473 Resort. The password is connectme.


A laundry bag has been provided for your use. Please leave the bag on the hamper in your bathroom before 10am and our housekeeping team will return the items to your room by 4pm.


Laundry prices are as listed below:
Small Wash Load – US$15.00
Large Wash Load- US$25.00
Ironing Dress – US$8.00
Ironing pant or skirt suit – US$12.00
Ironing dress pants – US$5.00
Ironing skirt – US$5.00
Ironing shirt or blouse – US$5.00
Dry Cleaning – As per laundromat

Please be advised that our service is for basic laundry. Articles requiring special care such as delicate fabrics or dry cleaning can be sent out to a laundromat on your behalf.

Linens & Towels

We recognize the importance of the environment and encourage you to help conserve water. Each person can make a difference. Whilst we have plenty for you to use, we hope that you will consider reusing towels and in doing so you help us conserve water, energy and reduce detergent usage, which will in turn reduce the treatment of wastewater within our community. Just hang your towels to be re-used on the towel rail or hook.

The villas benefit from year-round breezes, so mosquitos are at a minimum. They are most active at dawn and dusk. If you are bitten refrain from scratching since this can cause further irritation. A splash of alcohol or antihistamine gel from the chemist will give quick relief. If you tend to have a reaction to bites you may want to consider taking an oral antihistamine.

Closing doors and windows before sunset and spraying bedrooms as necessary will ensure a peaceful nights rest.

Photographer & Videographer
Nigel Layne (accessed through concierge – 457 7771)
There is no lifeguard on duty. Our pool is just 4 feet deep so is safe for a variety of water games however diving is not possible.
Public Transporation
Mini-busses provide a cost effective way to get around in Grenada; fares are EC$2.50 to town and to Grand Anse. They can also offer visitors a taste of true island life; speed, loud music, local gossip and, during peak hours, an extraordinary distribution of passengers within the vehicle. The comfort of your private Taxi vs the colorful island life of the bus…the choice is yours!
Sailing & Scuba diving & Snorkeling

View 473 Grenada Adventures


Grenada is considered a safe island however you should take care to secure the villa by closing all doors and windows when you go out. Also exercise a measure of caution while out and about. Ours is a conservative society.


Please refer to page 3 to 5 of this booklet for our recommendations.

As a courtesy to future guests, smoking is not permitted within the villa or around the pool. Smoking is allowed only in the private outdoor space of each villa. A US$250.00 cleaning fee will be charged for smoking in the villa.
Taxi Services
Please note in Grenada taxis are not metered so please ask the rate that you will be charged before going on your trip. Tips are not mandatory. A few of our recommended taxi drivers are:
Perry – 473 418 9441
Syisha – 473 417 1996
Junior – 473 410 2534
Ish – 473 418 9824
Lennox – 473 414 2377
Ken – 473 418 9932
Leary – 473 415 1818

Most of these drivers offer island tours – Syisha, Ish and Perry for example, are well known for their tours which showcase the natural beauty, wildlife and flora of the Island.

To operate the television, use the small black remote to power on the Television. The volume control is located on the right side of the remote.

Our smart Televisions have numerous applications such as Netflix and YouTube pre-set for your convenience.

Windows & Doors

The villas benefit from year-round cooling breezes, so doors and windows can be opened. However, please remember to close them when you exit the villa and/or if it starts raining. Tropical rain can be very intense and will wet inside your villa.

Please exercise caution while swimming on our beach.

You will be required to sign a waiver before engaging in our water sports since 473 cannot be held responsible for the safety of our visitors whilst in the sea.

Vacation villas in Grenada
Go directly to your private villa, for an ease check-in and out
Vacation villas in Grenada
Our villas are deep cleaned prior to your arrival
Vacation villas in Grenada
Our staff is traineded with the latest protocols


Vacation villas in Grenada
You can enjoy dining inside your own villa



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