Art, chocolate and more, a guide to the best week in Grenada.

There is a reason they call Grenada, the Isle of Spice. For its cocoa, beaches, cuisine, and people are full of flavor.

Upon our arrival at this beautiful beach resort in Grenada, they had one of the most tasteful chocolate bars awaiting us on our arrival.

The concierge staff told us how tasty it is, and they were not lying. My taste buds came to life with just one bite.

They also guided us on doing a Chocolate factory tour and were able to book everything for us in just a few minutes. We loved seeing the history that is part of such amazing chocolate.

If you are visiting Grenada, you need to make sure to take a tour at one of the chocolate factories in Grenada. You will see why their chocolate is so pure.

Grenadians bring their flavors to life with art as well

In the resort, we noticed amazing paintings by local artists.

The art in Grenada is vibrant and tells an entire story with just one canvas. Before traveling to 473 Grenada, I noticed a page on their website that talks about giving back and giving the opportunity to local artists to sell their crafts to visitors who stay at this beautiful beach resort.

If you have any space on your suitcase, you should really try to carry one back home with you.

From art, chocolate to cuisine, there are flavors everywhere

As a food lover, I love to experience tasteful food, full of flavors and passion.

We wanted to do something different than a dinner at a restaurant. So, the staff at 473 Grenada, brought an amazing local chef to our private villa.

A beautiful moonlit dinner, with a two-course meal, was prepared right in front of us. We sipped on wine, while the chef did his magic with the food to prepare one of the most tasteful dishes we had ever tried.

It was great to not have to drive or make a reservation. Enjoying a moonlit dinner in Grenada, with the sea breeze is one of a kind experience that everyone should try.

So if tasteful foods, pure chocolate, and art that tells a thousand words are your go-to experiences, I strongly recommend you visit the island of Grenada.

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