Insider’s guide to Spicemas 2018: Party all night or party all day

SpiceMas is just around the corner and you do not want to miss any of the parties and events that will be taking place during this festive time in Grenada.

There are tons of carnival events taking place this year for SpiceMas 2018 and we have it all here for you to choose from.

Our team at 473 Grenada Boutique Resort wants you to enjoy the best parties and experience Grenada’s Carnival in the best way possible.

We know that some of our guests and visitors who come to Grenada during the Carnival period love to party in the day and others love to party all night long. Hence, we created our top carnival party picks for those who want to party all day or party all night or both!

Let’s dive into Grenada’s Carnival Experience and get ready for Spicemas 2018

If you have ever read articles or blogs about the Caribbean, we are sure you have heard about the carnival. Each island has its own version of carnival and here in Grenada our carnival is known as Spicemas – we are the Isle of Spice after all! People from all over the world flock to Grenada to experience the famous Jab Jab, the non-stop parties and the amazing parades of Pretty Mas on a Monday and Tuesday afternoon.

Foreigners who visit Grenada during August, the month of the carnival will have a fantastic time with music, parties, smiles, and people dancing all around. But unlike many other carnivals around the world, Grenada’s Carnival stands out on its own. It is an unforgettable experience to enjoy with friends and with the thousands of local Grenadians who come out to play J’ouvert – an epic street party with colored powdered and paint fun!

On the second Monday and Tuesday of August, the Spice Island transforms itself to host thousands of visitors who come to enjoy the drinks, paints, costumes, and music. But if you really want to get the most of it, we strongly suggest you come to Grenada at least one week in advance when the Carnival feeling is in the air and all the main events are taking place.

From Pree Day, a fantastic soca concert held in the national stadium and hosted by one of the most famous local artists to private parties and Soca Monarch, it all goes down a week before the second Monday and Tuesday of August.

To make sure you get the most out of Grenada’s Carnival, we created a list of top events by our chosen by our team at 473 Grenada Boutique Resort. This list is perfectly crafted for those who want to party all day long and sleep the whole night, or party all night and sleep whole day! Either way, you will make the most of your time in Grenada during Spicemas 2018.

The parties, or as we like to call it here in Grenada ‘Fetes’ start on Monday 6th of August with the celebration of the Emancipation Day where there is a beach lime (local lingo for a party). Local artists come to Grand Anse beach for a fantastic performance, that really culminates the essence of island vibes. You can enjoy a relaxing mid-afternoon around Grand Anse and then walk towards the other side of the beach to enjoy some of the performances. But if you rather start your parties mid-afternoon, you can enjoy the Ciroc Party, all-inclusive event, that is taking place at the National Stadium on August 6th from 5:00 PM.

Vacation villas in Grenada

On Tuesday 7th you can relax throughout the day, enjoy the resort’s amenities as the party starts in the hours of the evening. For this event is specific you will have to pre-book your tickets as it is a private party. You can do so by contacting our concierge team and we will assist you to sort out any tickets you may have to purchase. This House Party started to take place 9 years ago and has become a MUST for the week before carnival. This year tickets are $125 XCD or $46USD per person for an all-inclusive party.


August 7th,
From 9:00 PM
House Party: Episode 9 Private Property All Inclusive party
August 8th,
From 10:00 PM
Pree DayNational StadiumOne of the biggest Carnival events
August  9th
From 9:00 PM
BienvenueFort Matthews
August  9th
From 9:00 PM
La VidaParadise BeachOutdoor party
August 10th
From 8:00 pm
Soca MonarchNational Stadium
August  10th
From 8:00 pm
Permit FeteAquarium RestaurantGreat to be at after Soca Monarch
August  11th,
From 10:00 PM UNTIL
The Biggest White Fete Location TBC, (National Stadium)Concert
August 14th
From Afternoon until midnight
Last LapTown of St. George
August 15th
From 10:00PM
The Finale PartySails Restaurant

Party all night for Spicemas 2018

On Wednesday the 8th, you can go to one of the biggest parties that takes place during carnival week – PREE Day. This one is another party for those who like to party all night long! It starts at around 10:00 PM and goes till until the wee hours of the morning. On Pree day you will not only experience amazing local talent but also the regional artists who visit Grenada to enjoy the famous SpiceMas. This one is not an all-inclusive party, but VIP tickets can be purchased which will include private parking, drinks, food and a private VIP lounge area for those who do not want to be in the crowd. Let the concierge team at 473 Boutique Resort help you book your tickets!


Here is a comprehensive list of all the night time events for SpiceMas 2018 – our team can help you book your tickets and make sure you are all set to enjoy this one of a kind experience in Grenada.

Sleep whole day, Party all night for SpiceMas 2018

Not everyone wants to party for the entire night, hence we have created this list for those who want to enjoy day parties and get some much-needed rest at night. But if you are able to recharge fast, all of the parties and events above for spicemas are mainly just about 15 minutes away from the resort, so you can party hearty and enjoy all!


Friday 10th, August 2018
From 3:00PM

Le CraveThe venue for this event will be updated shortly
Saturday 11th, 2018
From 7:45 AM
ValhallaBoat ride to Sandy Island

Saturday 11th, 2018
From 11:00 AM

Fleet SeaBoat Party

Saturday 11th, 2018
From 11:30 AM

Bikini CruiseBoat Party

Saturday 11th, 2018
From 3:00 PM

BingeParty after Bikini Cruise at BBC Beach

Saturday 11th, 2018
From 3:00 PM

Fleet: Cooler FeteParty after Fleet Sea, venue will be updated shortly

If you enjoy sea and boat parties or never have been in one before, and would like the experience, you are in for a treat! From the latest music and great drinks to good vibes and people having a good time, Grenada’s boat parties are always the talk of the town. Most of the day events are cruise parties that start in mid-morning around 11:00 AM and go until 3:00 PM where the boat arrives at the other parties.

If you want to jump up during the day parties for Spicemas 2018, we recommend that you hire a taxi to drop you for the event and give them a pickup hour for when you want to be picked up at the other venue as the departure or arrival locations may be different.

Once we get into the weekend, on Sunday you can take some time to rest and recharge yourself. As in the very early hours of Monday morning, you will hear the drums, horns, and rhythm sounds coming from the streets of St. George’s, the capital of Grenada.

Welcome to J’ourvet Morning in Grenada!

Spicemas 2018 with 473 Grenada Boutique Resort

Where paint, powder, and oil (If you wish to play the famous Jab Jab) mixes with music and wonderful smiles. This is one of the MUST do events of Spicemas, however, if you do not want to get paint or oil in your skin you can enjoy it from the sidewalks of the town.

J’ouvert starts at 6:00 AM, when the bands are allowed to move towards the town of St. George’s, but you can find your way to Kirani James’ Boulevard a bit earlier so you can start to join the crowd.

nigel layne Once you have finished playing J’ouvert, you can take a water taxi to Grand Anse Beach where you can and will enjoy the refreshing feeling of Grand Anse’s blue waters. Almost everyone heads to the beach to remove any paint they may still have on their skin and enjoy the rest of the morning.

If you have signed up for Pretty Mas, the parade of the bands, you may want to head back a bit earlier to get a quick rest, as from 1:00 pm the first round of Pretty Mas starts.

Here is where all the costumes by local and regional designers come to play. From amazing bright colors to huge feathers and costumes that flow with the people while they dance and enjoy themselves, pretty mas is an amazing experience.

If you are not looking to purchase a costume for this, you can enjoy the whole event on the sidewalks of St. George’s, on both Monday and Tuesday afternoon, where you can also purchase refreshments.


Party All day at Spicemas Grenada

Here is a comprehensive list of all the daytime events for SpiceMas 2018 – our team can help you book your tickets and make sure you are all set to enjoy this one of a kind experience in Grenada

Make sure to have your cameras and phone ready for this one!

Spicemas is all about fun, music, and the beautiful culture that makes our home, Grenada. From colorful street paint parties to amazing costumes that brighten up the whole town of St. George’s. Spicemas is your place to be, and 473 Grenada Boutique Resort can be your home, while you embark on this thrilling experience.

Are you interested in joining us for any of these events? Enjoy our Grand Opening 30% discount.



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