Pure Grenada, as pure as it can get

Nature, spices and beautiful people, a guide with more than just a love for this island

Waking up, listening to the sounds of the sea, birds, and trees as they dance with the breeze, is just one of the most peaceful feelings.

The island of Grenada has a little bit of everything. From its untouched forest, crystal-clear waters and people that say ‘Hello’ with a big smile, even if they don’t know you, yet.

Pure Grenada, a name given for a reason

The island of Grenada is now being called ‘Pure Grenada’ for a reason.

As you fly towards Grenada, you will be able to see how untouched the island is. Nature is at its best and as vibrant and alive as you would love to imagine.

The island of Grenada has hidden waterfalls waiting for you to explore them. Underneath the water sculptures, wrecks that bring the sea to life with fishes of all kinds and corals that are full of colors.

Some of our guests have described it as ‘A paradise that you need to explore.’

But what makes our guests love Grenada even more?

Our friendly Grenadian People.

Our guests have mentioned to us what they have enjoyed the most. Some of them talk about how friendly the people are.

Some guests, are impressed with the way everyone says ‘Good Morning’ in a way that feels as if they have always known you.

It makes them feel welcomed and relaxed. Some of the visitors have even made good friends and had amazing conversations on the beach with locals, who are looking to share fascinating stories about their love for the island of Grenada.

As a beach resort in Grenada, we want to bring this experience to each of our guests.

We hope to see you soon and share this experience with you at each step of your stay.

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