Pure Grenada

Pure Grenada as it is known, is one of the most attractive islands of the Caribbean, that brings to you the beauty of the Caribbean. The island has a personality of its own, from the people to the spices and the landscape that shapes the island. The island of Grenada gives you the best of lush tropical forest and the turquois refreshing waters of the Caribbean. With vibrant colors, tropical temperatures and a smile on everyone’s face, Grenada awaits you and welcomes you the island where you will build unforgettable memories.

Trip Advisors Reviews of 473 Grenada Boutique Resort
“This is the perfect property if you do not like the all inclusive cattle call atmosphere of large resorts. This property is beautiful and private. I really love it here.” – Laurie Hovey English
Where is Grenada?

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Grenada is accessible from major international cities including Miami, New York, Atlanta, Toronto, London, Frankfurt, and the Caribbean. International flights stop at Maurice Bishop International Airport. Cruise ships serving our island depart from Florida and Puerto Rico.

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