4 Romantic Things to do in Grenada

Every couple needs a romantic getaway now and again. If you are looking for a way to enjoy a few days together with your loved one, there is no better place to do this than Grenada.

There are so many romantic things to do in Grenada waiting for you to enjoy it.

If you have never taken a trip to the beautiful island of Grenada, you are in for a treat. From amazing beaches and breathtaking views to thrilling adventures and easy getaways, you can turn a normal vacation into the most romantic and memorable one you ever had.

The choice of romantic things to do in Grenada is yours, whether it is just a vacation, your anniversary, honeymoon or looking to seal the deal, our concierge team here at 473 Grenada Boutique Resort, has all the elements you need to make this happen. And to make it easier for you to choose from, we have created a list with our top 4 picks of romantic things to do in Grenada.

In this blog post, we will be sharing with you our top 4 romantic things to do in Grenada to make sure you have great ideas before your trip. If you have any questions about any of our top picks of the most romantic thing to do in Grenada, you can comment in this blog post or send us a direct email and our team will get you on the right path.

Take a trip to the Tobago Cays from Grenada

The island of Grenada is a great port for going to the small islands that are nearby. From a fun quick trip on a small airplane to sailing or taking a ferryboat, there are multiple ways to get there.

Luckily for you, there are not only just romantic things to do in Grenada but also a few that can be enjoyed just a few mins away from the island.

Imagine heading with your loved one to five uninhabited cays, with heavenly blue and turquoise waters, reefs and colorful fishes. This is what the Tobago Cays are all about.

And guess what? If you ever wanted to be part of the great movie ‘Pirates in the Caribbean’ it is your time to do so! From the beautiful island of Carriacou you can visit Union Island where you can enjoy a sailing trip with the famous Scaramouche, one of the wooden boats used in the actual movie.

To get to experience this amazing experience, you have to fly to Union Island from Grenada, where you will get to board this amazing pirate ship. From here you will board the famous pirate where you sit back and enjoy the lovely scenery, ride, and refreshment. You can let go, let loose of all the tension and enjoy the hues that make up the beautiful waters of the Tobago Cays.

Bring the Chef to your own Private Villa in Grenada – One of the most recommended activities for a romantic getaway

Imagine having an outdoor, candlelit dinner on your very own patio in our Private Pool Villa at 473 Boutique Resort in Grenada. Enjoying a professional five-star chef’s meal, under the stars with your loved one, is just one of the benefits that our Private Villas in Grenada can give you.

This idea is one of the most popular picks for romantic things to do in Grenada.

Whether you are celebrating your anniversary, wedding or honeymoon our concierge team can help you organize your very own private chef to cook a delightful meal for you.

Our team works together with top local chefs that take the meaning of the word ‘Culinary’ to delicious new heights! One of the advantages we have is that Grenada is considered the island of spice, with a plethora of flavors and spices to enhance your meals and give you a truly unique culinary experience, that would be completely exclusive to you!

Our villas, provide you with a fully equipped kitchen that any chef will be happy to use to make a mouth-watering meal. If you are staying at our Private Pool Villa, you can also enjoy your own cooking show, as our chefs put his artistic and culinary work on display in the fully loaded outdoor kitchen. For those who are looking for the full culinary experience in Grenada then choosing this villa, in particular, is key.

Our top choice to make this exclusive romantic dinner happen is chef Anthony Johnson. Chef Johnson began his career at a young age and has a great passion for creating culinary masterpieces. He gained his culinary experience from traveling and cooking around the world. Chef Anthony Johnson is also known for showcasing his culinary skills at the Hyatt Regency in both Barbados and throughout the United States.

romantic dinner in grenada

Our past guests have used this service when staying at our Private Pool Villa and the reviews could not be better. A private, candlelit dinner, prepared exclusively for you by a world-class chef, gives you an intimate time where you can enjoy diving into deep conversations with your other half, sipping on some wine and giving your taste buds a trip to remember.

Wind down on a romantic cruise under the sunset

Whether you have chosen Grenada to relax or explore, there is never a better way to wind down at the end of the day than with a romantic sunset cruise in Grenada.

This is a perfect way to end the day, enjoy the sea and a quiet romantic getaway cruise that gives you a wonderful and unforgettable view of the Caribbean sunset. During the sail, you can enjoy a beer or a rum punch while you both look into the sunset and enjoy all the cotton candy colors, as the sun goes down. Nothing is more romantic than sharing a beautiful sunset with the one you love.

Romantic things to do in Grenada: Sunset cruise

Romantic things to do in Grenada: Sunset cruise

If during the day you feel to enjoy a day of sailing, you can take a half a day sailing trip where you can enjoy snorkeling in the famous Underwater Sculpture park, a great lunch on board your catamaran and an afternoon of sailing in Grenada’s beautiful blue waters.

The cost for this trip is $60USD per person or you can have the boat on a private charter for $450USD.

Our guests recommend this as one of the topmost romantic things to do in Grenada, as it helped to relax and wrap up a beautiful day in Grenada.

Your wedding, your style. Let’s make your dream wedding happen at 473 Grenada Boutique Resort

If you are looking for the most romantic things to do in Grenada, having your wedding and honeymoon should be in your top priority list.

Love is in the air, and we could not wrap up our list of most romantic things in Grenada without help you have your dream wedding.

At 473 Grenada Boutique Resort, your story is unique and we work towards making your wedding venue unique as well. Your wedding is all about you and our job is to help you make it happen just as exclusive, intimate, and magical as you have always imagined.

Weddings are all about location, location, and location. Imagine saying the words ‘I do’ to having your own private and beautiful view of the Caribbean sea and enjoying the natural breeze while you start this new phase of your life. 473 Grenada Boutique Resorts is the ultimate setting for your intimate wedding!

We can also help you give your guests a unique vacation during your wedding week. Our 9 unique villas give you the exclusive opportunity to have as many of your family and friends close to you to enjoy this special time. This makes it easier for everyone to help you and be on time the get your ceremony started.

Vacation villas in Grenada

Our grounds are surrounded by beautiful, lush gardens and open areas that can give you the space you need plan your private, intimate wedding and even do an exclusive photoshoot around our beautiful resort gardens overlooking the Caribbean Sea.

If you need any help in gathering accessories, planning or just have any questions related to having your wedding in Grenada, you can send us a direct message or click here to send a personal email to our concierge team. We will work towards getting everything ready for you to get married in the beautiful island of Grenada.

Our 4 picks of romantic things to do in Grenada, are unique to the island. From going on a getaway to nearby islands, having your very own private chef cook an unforgettable meal for you, sailing into the sunset and even tie the knot, all with the one that rocks your world.

Our team at 473 Grenada Boutique Resort are here to help you plan everything along the way, making your visit to the island of Grenada as smooth as possible. If you have any questions or comments, feel free to use the comment section below or you can email us directly and we will get back to you as soon as possible.

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