Summer all year long at 473 Grenada Boutique Resort

Whilst I am in love with the snow, I have always wanted to enjoy some amazing sun and the smell of the Caribbean Sea. Come January, my family gatherings always took place on road trips and boutique resorts in the snowy mountains, instead of an unforgettable vacation on one of the beautiful Caribbean Islands. Until we found out about this beautiful, unspoiled and pure island, Grenada. And in this island, there was this hidden gem, a secluded, luxury, family-friendly, close to nature, Boutique Resort called 473 Grenada Boutique Resort.

A resort in Grenada near the beach? Yes!

A resort in Grenada with the ocean right outside of our villa? Yes!

Sunshine, watersports, privacy, and able to explore the island as a local? Yes!

A Caribbean island accessible from most airports? Yes!

While exploring the resort’s and Grenada’s website, and social media and searching for information about the island of Grenada, one feeling came to mind. The feeling of summertime and open air, it seems like at 473 Grenada Boutique and Grenada is summer all year long!

This is what should come to your mind when you think of Caribbean resorts, an island full of life, spices and turquoise waters waiting for you to enjoy.

“My husband and I stayed here over Christmas 2018 and quite possibly had the most relaxing couple of weeks ever. A combination of this amazing small boutique resort and a fabulous, relatively unspoiled and incredibly friendly island.  At 473 absolutely nothing was too much trouble. When we arrived, the lovely Andrea even took us to the supermarket herself so we could stock up on some food and plenty of local beer and rum of course!
Mark, who owns and built the villas is really helpful and we genuinely felt so welcome. Andrea is a real asset and will organize absolutely everything for you. “

Because the best family memories are built in places where summer lasts all year long

My parents always wanted to choose vacation getaways to the Caribbean, but we never really found a place or an island that could fit all of our personalities in one basket.  For example, I am a heart-loving explorer, who loves to hike and walk to waterfalls and undiscovered tracks. But the rest of the family rather enjoy pool time, time by the beach and relaxing activities. And since it is always a group of us, the rooms and suites are always extra important for us.

grenada beach photo

I liked the many hotels and villas we saw in Grenada and in the Caribbean, but Four Seven Three Boutique Resort and Grenada were the places that made an unforgettable impression, from the first look and it is a place we will always return to enjoy that summer feeling all year long!

When you picture a Caribbean island, this is what it should feel like. Full of friendly people, smiles, taste, vibrant colors. Making all your six senses active, creating an unforgettable experience.

Spacious Villas in a secluded resort located just a few mins drive from Grand Anse Beach

Whether it is a day to explore, go on sightseeing tours, or to grab a bite to eat, nothing was too far from the location. And the famous Grand Anse beach was just 12 – 15 (on a busy day) minutes from the resort, making it easy for us to enjoy one of the most famous beaches in the world!

The moment you drive near Grand Anse Beach, you will know exactly why it is so famous. The white sand spreads for miles and the blues of the water are as vibrant as in all the pictures you have seen. It is truly a remarkable experience.


The Waterfalls and rainforest treks are equally close and after a short drive, you are immersed in foliage thick and luxurious as the pictures you dream of, friendly locals and guides to help you discover or point you on your way to find, hidden treasures deep within the island.

Every morning started with a ray of sunshine

A vacation in Grenada is not the same without a morning sunrise and the afternoon sunset. While at 473 Grenada Boutique Resort, you will get to experience the amazing shades of blue, yellow and oranges in the morning through the large windows and doors of your private villas, whilst gazing out over the azure Caribbean sea.  There is something about this that energizes your body and relaxes the mind, to start your day off just right.

In the evenings the colors changed to blues, purples, and pinks that mixed with the sounds of the waves from the ocean beneath your waterfront villa doors, making it one of the most relaxing experiences I have ever had.

sunset at 473 Grenada Boutique Resort

There is space for both tantrums and hugs because this boutique hotel in Grenada feels like a home. A home that is unpretentious, stress-free, and genuinely caring – while being private and close to nature.  Be sure to check out all the villa options and there are special villa packages at certain times of the year. Also, if you have to book your stay at 473 Grenada, we recommend that you do this directly on their website, you will get to enjoy all those amazing direct booking benefits that they offer and so much more!

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