Take something back home from Grenada

You have arrived in Grenada. But most importantly, you have experienced a true Caribbean Paradise.

On our previous blog, we spoke about the breath-taking experience our guests had on the island of Grenada. From sounds, colors to the authentic smells of species, local coffee, rums, and chocolates.

Now it is your turn to share some of these experiences with someone from the place you call home. Also, you can take a small souvenir back to remind you of Grenada and 473 Grenada Boutique Resort.

You see, Grenada gets the names ‘The Spice Isle’ or ‘Pure Grenada’ for a reason. Everything about it is pure and full of tastes.

Where to buy gifts in Grenada?

To get the most authentic gifts and to give back to our local community, we strongly advise you to visit the local market in St. George’s.

Many fo the sellers here have amazing craft skills and packaging that can give even a simple nutmeg shell, an authentic look.

At the local market, you will be able to find species, coffee beans, chocolates, and other organic-grown food in Grenada. Furthermore, it all packed for you to carry home.

Where can I buy Chocolate in Grenada?

Most of our guests plan trips to chocolate factories with our concierge team.

It is a must to experience a chocolate factory tour in Grenada. The entire process is what makes our local chocolate so amazing.

At the chocolate factories, there are shops with many types of chocolates that you can carry home.

But if you are in downtown St. George’s, you can also stop by the Chocolate House to experience yet another Chocolate adventure.

It is always nice to take back a piece of Paradise with you. Whatever your choice may be, it all brings back those memories that will make you come back for more.

We hope you had a great time in Grenada.

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