45 beaches in Grenada: feel alive on a beach in grenada cannot fix

The beach in Grenada awaits you!

You have already planned your trip to Grenada. You know this is the perfect place to rejuvenate your soul and feel as free as you can.

A beach day is an excursion you must make. There are over 45 beaches in Grenada, and some of the beaches are in the top 10 of the entire world.

And as you know, there is nothing the sun, sand, and sea cannot fix.

There is nothing as good as diving into the clear turquoise waters of Grenada, tasting the salt, and getting that refreshing feeling you were seeking during your flight to Grenada.

Explore and relax in Grenada

With two private beaches at our beach resort, you can start by stepping right outside your villa.

If you are looking to give paddleboarding, kayak, and other water sports a try, this is the right beach for you. Both beaches are private, without many visitors, except other guests who are staying with us.

So if you are looking to relax, listen to the waves and enjoy the sea breeze, you will love it here.

Explore the beaches by Jeep

With so many beaches to explore, you must go for a drive.

You can explore the southern coast of the island and experience the beautiful Grand Anse beach. Its white sand, turquoise water is the picture-perfect place to visit in Grenada.

With 2 miles in length, you can enjoy a walk through the beach and even a Cocktail at one of the newest beach bars in Grenada.

It is a must for every visitor to go there and dive in some of the most refreshing-pure waters in the Caribbean.

As you drive through the island, you will be able to see the sea from everywhere.

You can drive to the far north of the island of Grenada, to experience beaches like Lavera Beach. On this side of the island, you will notice a change on the beach, as it is facing the Atlantic ocean.

In all the beaches in Grenada, you can smell and see its purity and vibrant colors.

So if you are going to be exploring the 45+ beaches in Grenada, make sure to carry a camera to take fascinating photos of the beach in Grenada.

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