upon arriving at 473

As the pilot said ‘Cabin crew prepares for landing.’

I opened the window shade and started to see all the different shades of blue the Caribbean has to offer.

As the plane began descending, the colors were popping.

The blue, turquoise waters on one side and the beautiful greens on the other side of the plane.

After many hours on a plane, we were ready to experience the Spice Isle, Grenada.

We chose 473 Grenada Boutique Resort, as it was one of the most beautiful beach resorts in Grenada we found online, but also, because it gave us the space we needed and some quiet time to relax and enjoy the sound of the sea.

After a 15 minutes drive from the airport, we reached this beautiful beach resort in Grenada.

We were welcomed by the sound of the water as you enter the main gate and beautiful lush gardens that make you feel as if you have arrived in paradise.

Upon arriving at 473 Grenada Boutique Resort, the concierge team took care of our bags and walked us to what I just have to describe as ‘breath-taking-experience’ as the door of our beachfront villas was opened.

There was a direct view from the door, that went from the floor-to-the roof of the villa, with the view of the ocean right in front of your villa.

It felt as if I have could step right into the beautiful, calmed and transparent waters of the Caribbean.

Now I can see the name given to these beautiful villas in Grenada is there for a reason.

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