There is a style for everyone at 473 Grenada Boutique Resort. What is your travel style?

There is a unique characteristic of traveling to the Caribbean islands. They are all suitable for fitting the unique style of traveling and vacationing that you may prefer.

Before falling in love with 473 Grenada Boutique Resort, I had no idea I was an explorer. Wandering, hiking, jumping off the top of Grenada’s waterfalls, was all new to me

Did it love it? Yes, I most definitely did!

What is your travel style? Grenada traveling

The rush, the experience, the open air, the way my mind went into complete relaxation while exploring the rain forest in Grenada. An unpretentious natural friendly island where we had the best experience we have ever had.

But since we all have our own unique way of experiencing vacations, there needs to be a place that can be suitable to fit your style. And I have found it, on the southern coast of the Spice Isle of Grenada, 473 Grenada Boutique Resort definitely has my style.

Your style, your vacation at 473 Grenada Boutique Resort

It is a tag line you will see in their social media post and on their website. And the reality is that this is a promise they live by. Maybe, it is the location or maybe is the team and hosts that ensure nothing is a problem and that everything is possible.

Our style experience began from the time we did our direct booking with them. Simple questions about our preferences and the amazing things we wanted to experience the most, made it into a fantastic vacation that seemed to be planned specifically for us.

This place is heaven on earth. Super friendly and helpful staff. the grounds are beautiful and peaceful.  The staff will respond very quickly to all requests but yet are not around hovering. The unit we had was an end unit. Very lovely, well equipped.  We were a five-minute drive to a grocery store so super easy. I recommend getting a car because everything is a drive away.

This place is a gem.” –Marc Coulombe

Meet the explorer, wander Grenada

A newly found hobby, an explorer at heart, looking to wander around the island of Grenada to make me fall in love with this authentic Isle of Spice.

The island of Grenada gives you the best of the turquoise calm waters and the rain forests, with the sounds of birds and wilderness, making every sense of your body feel fully awake and full of energy to explore.

From hiking to reach amazing waterfalls, like the famous Seven Sisters Waterfalls, to jumping off them. Or visiting a lake that once upon a time was a volcano crater to driving on the most amazing off-road on an unforgettable ATV adventure in Grenada.

hiking Grenada;s waterfalls

The best thing was the fact all of this can be pre-planned for you by the concierge team at 473 Grenada Boutique Resort. Not only they are local, but they know the entire island, the best places for you to explore and can help you get there as well.

The concierge team advised hand-picked tours and places the locals and owner like to experience, away from the crowds and more popular places. We found forgotten sulfur springs, empty beaches, and wild cliff tops, to wander and dream.

Grenada is really a paradise island.

Meet the water lover

No Caribbean vacation is completed, if you don’t get to enjoy the crystal-clear-turquoise waters of the Caribbean.

You probably don’t know that,  Grenada has one of the most famous beaches in the world, Grand Anse Beach, is as unique as a white sand beach can get. The moment you step into the white sand, your breath is taken away by all the shades of blue the water has, as well as, the white soft sand that runs for over 1 mile. It is just fascinating!

What was even more amazing? The entire island has beaches like this and if you are into water sports, this is the best place for you to practice it. Part of our stay at 473 Grenada, was the inclusion of water sports, and as a rookie with a love to try things, I gave Paddle Boarding a try!

Snorkeling in Grenada

The island also has amazing sea exploring options. From dolphin and whale watching to romantic cruises into the sunset. There is nothing like enjoying the sea breeze as you see the sun guns down creating oranges and purple shades of colors into the horizon. This definitely has to be a MUST when you are planning your trip to Grenada.

Our private boat tour gave the whole family a unique snorkeling adventure to the underwater sculpture park and on the way home the sunset gave us the best send off on our way home with champagne and drinks for the kids

Your romantic story can start in a villa

Falling in love in Grenada is easy, and if you are at 473 Grenada Boutique resort it is even easier. I would select 473 Grenada Boutique Resort for our anniversary every single time without a doubt. When we are romantic, we are present, open, secluded and this what 473 Grenada Boutique Resort is.

The resort is full of romantic elements, with the sounds of the waves breaking as they reach the shore that is right by the deck. The breeze and amazing outdoors that can make a candlelight dinner, the one you have always dreamed off. It is all possible here, just as your dream wedding or dream honeymoon. We had the concierge team book a private chef for our special night and I would definitely do that again, hand prepared menu and fresh local produce made it a memorable evening.

There is a space for everyone here, and this is one of the best Caribbean resorts that offer everything from wellness to adventures and romantic getaways, even family-friendly opportunities to gather and share the love. All it needs is for you to choose your style or many styles you are interested in trying. It is a luxury resort that really goes by its lines ‘Your style, Your Vacation.’ And they make sure you experience it to the fullest.

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