4 reasons to choose a villa resort for your next vacation to Grenada

If you are planning to experience Pure Grenada in the upcoming year, you have probably already started to plan your trip and began to look for hotels and resorts in Grenada.

The island of Grenada, has been voted to be one of the best destinations for visiting in 2019, and that is for a reason. It really is a little piece of paradise awaiting your visit.

But if you really want to explore Grenada, and feel rejuvenated, while keeping your distance, there is no better location to stay than in a private villa. Let’s make it even better, a private villa with the amenities of a resort.

Yes, you can have both here at 473 Grenada Boutique Resort.

Here are a couple of reasons why guests have decided to choose a vacation villa in Grenada over a hotel room.

#1 It can be Peaceful and romantic, just what you need

A vacation villa is perfect for a new couple, or one that is just looking for a peaceful and romantic vacation.

For couples looking for a romantic getaway to Grenada, we strongly recommend the private pool villa here at 473 Grenada Boutique Resort. It gives you the privacy you want, your own pool, and the perfect view of the sea, as your villa is located right at the water’s edge.

vacation villa in Grenada

Inside view of the private pool villa

You can listen to the sounds of the waves, enjoy an outdoor moon-lite dinner by our private chefs, and not need to worry about sharing a pool, as yours will be right outside your step.

Here you can be you and only you, without worrying about anything else.

#2 Ideal getaway for some quality rest and relaxation

Vacation villas are quiet and perfect to help you unwind. They provide the comfort of being almost at home, with everything you need to feel like if you were in your very own Caribbean-tropical villa.

And with a few options such as a Garden villa, Oceanfront, and the Private pool Villa, you can really choose the villa that suits your desires the most.

Our very own Garden villa has been known for helping our guests bring in their Zen and sense of tranquility like never before, due to the majestic sounds of our lush gardens and being close to the sea.

You deserve to feel the tranquility a villa brings.

Vacation villas in Grenada

#3 Vacation villas are spacious and purposefully laid out

Some vacations are couples vacations, others are group or family vacations. Whether your case is either one of these 3 or a reunion, a vacation villa in Grenada will give you the space you want.

The villas at 473 Grenada Boutique Resort range in size from 790sqft to 2,300 sqft, giving you the space you seek. So you can bring your entire family, or just yourself.

One of the advantages of having a vacation villa is that they have purposeful layouts. This ensures you will have everything you need within your villa. From a spacious kitchen to a family and entertainment room, bathrooms worth taking selfies in, and bedrooms that have the breathtaking view of one in a hotel.

Loft Villa | Private Villa in Grenada

#4 You are able to escape the crowd and enjoy your own private oasis

No crowds, or wondering who you might cross while walking to your bedroom. We like to keep it simple, and since there are only 9 villas, you will not feel crowded or in need of your space.

A vocational villa is perfect for those who are seeking some space, alone time, and to feel as if they own a little piece of paradise in this private oasis we call 473 Grenada Boutique Resort.

Our past guests have loved experiencing the resort and feel as if they were our only guests. Once you get to the villas, it is difficult to leave, when all you can see and feel is paradise.

Vacation villas in Grenada

A vacation villa in Grenada has amazing benefits for any sort of vacation, and when combined with the amenities of a resort and a dedicated concierge team, you will experience the vacation you always wanted.

You can start by contacting our Grenada Concierge team and get a curated vacation planned for you.

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