Why travel to the Caribbean instead of staying home

There is a beautiful feeling of traveling to the Caribbean and staying at a Beach Resort. For some, these unique memories keep them coming back each year, and for others, they were able to build a lifetime of memories that are always shared with joy.

Maybe it is something in the fresh air, the amazing accommodations in Grenada, the way Grenada wakes up your senses, the way you can get close to nature or the way the sea breeze makes you feel refreshed and full of energy to explore a beautiful habitat or just relax by the pool, while you hear the sounds of the ocean nearby.

dive into the CaribbeanNo matter what your travel style, a family getaway or if you want to experience a beach resort honeymoon with your loved one. The Caribbean can suit it and enhance it, making it so difficult to stay at home, when you know you can plan an amazing vacation to the Caribbean.

If we had to name a place to spend time with family, husband, wife, girlfriend, crush or just some alone time, it will be the Caribbean. Not just because we are here, but because we want to feel present, ignite our five senses with the aromas, the vibrant colors, the unique flavors and textures that the Caribbean has to offer.

We want to invite you to experience this with us here, in a Caribbean island getaway to Grenada!

So why stay at home, when you can experience:

A beautiful sunrise or sunset walk on the beach that is just a few steps away from your private villa

Whether you are at 473 Grenada Boutique Resort, or at any other location in Grenada, you will enjoy a breath-taking sunset and sunrise. Actually, photographers from around the world, visit Grenada to take photos of the famous Green Light that appears on a clear afternoon as the sun sets on the water at Grand Anse Beach.

Beach photo of 473 Grenada Boutique Resort

Our two secluded beaches give you the benefits of enjoying a peaceful walk, indulging in a great conversation or just to sitting down to relax as the day comes to an end and the sounds of the water become calmer and calmer.

“Grenada is an absolutely stunning country and the Boutique Resort magnifies its beauty! We could not have asked for better accommodations. The resort is set in a quiet, remote area of the country that allows one to get away from the tourism but also join it and other experiences at a moments notice. I hope to get back to Grenada soon and will always return to stay at the 473 Grenada Boutique Resort” – Kirsten Didrikson

Unwind and relax from the everyday routine

Grenada is full of luxuries, from luxury resorts near the beach to more personable luxurious experiences, like a massage on the beach in front of your own private villa.

Taking a break from everyday life and routines is great, you need and your body needs it.

The islands are known for their calming vibes, and for getting your mind and thoughts off from everyday life into a relaxed and calmer environment. You see, relaxing here can be as simple as sun-bathing while you listen to the palm trees swaying in the refreshing breeze. But you can enhance this even further by getting a massage on the deck of your private villa or enjoying a yoga class with the sea view right in front of you.

Kitesurfing at 473 Grenada Boutique Resort

It all can happen here, and our concierge team’s goal is to make all of it fit your unique style. Whatever makes you feel relaxed, helps you unwind and rejuvenate your soul, we will provide it for you.

“My husband and I stayed here over Christmas 2018 and quite possibly had the most relaxing couple of weeks ever. A combination of this amazing small boutique resort and a fabulous, relatively unspoiled and incredibly friendly island.”

Get closer to nature and explore the paradise we call home

From crystal clear turquoise waters to the vibrant and full of sounds of the rainforest, Grenada is really paradise at your fingertips.

Outdoors view of the Seaview villas

  • Dive from the top of the waterfalls!
  • Submerge into the refreshing Caribbean waters!
  • Explore the Caribbean sea and experience the vibrant colors of ocean life!
  • Go off-road onto some amazing paths that give you an unbeatable view of the island!
  • Hike the mounts to find secret waterfalls!

It is all here, in one island, in one region. Grenada and The Caribbean!


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